2013 Spring Competitive U13-19 Season

GU13 Premier Standings
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TeamGPWinsLossesTiesPointsGoalsAllowedGoal Diff.
1353 Aces Arsenal 00G88002427120
1262 Rush 01G-Nike85211624514
1352 Ka'oi Rockers 00G834110912-3
1251 HSC Bulls 01G Ka'ula81436513-8
1365 Crew 0080711337-23
*Standings currently only sorted on points...tie-breakers (head-to-head, goal differential,and then least goals allowed) have not yet been taken into account.

League Results Included in Standings:

DateGameNoHomeH ScoreVisitorsV Score
3-02-2013109321262 Rush 01G-Nike11353 Aces Arsenal 00G3
3-02-2013109371251 HSC Bulls 01G Ka'ula21352 Ka'oi Rockers 00G2
3-03-2013109721352 Ka'oi Rockers 00G01262 Rush 01G-Nike4
3-10-2013110361353 Aces Arsenal 00G11251 HSC Bulls 01G Ka'ula0
3-16-2013115471352 Ka'oi Rockers 00G21365 Crew 001
3-17-2013111171353 Aces Arsenal 00G31352 Ka'oi Rockers 00G0
4-13-2013111441365 Crew 0011262 Rush 01G-Nike5
4-14-2013112001262 Rush 01G-Nike01251 HSC Bulls 01G Ka'ula0
4-14-2013112051365 Crew 0001353 Aces Arsenal 00G10
4-20-2013112171352 Ka'oi Rockers 00G11251 HSC Bulls 01G Ka'ula0
4-21-2013112801353 Aces Arsenal 00G11262 Rush 01G-Nike0
4-21-2013115371365 Crew 0011251 HSC Bulls 01G Ka'ula3
5-05-2013113521262 Rush 01G-Nike11352 Ka'oi Rockers 00G0
5-05-2013113571251 HSC Bulls 01G Ka'ula01365 Crew 000
5-11-2013113891365 Crew 0001352 Ka'oi Rockers 00G4
5-11-2013113941251 HSC Bulls 01G Ka'ula01353 Aces Arsenal 00G4
5-12-2013114181352 Ka'oi Rockers 00G01353 Aces Arsenal 00G1
5-12-2013114221262 Rush 01G-Nike91365 Crew 000
5-18-2013114601251 HSC Bulls 01G Ka'ula01262 Rush 01G-Nike4
5-19-2013114911353 Aces Arsenal 00G41365 Crew 000