2013 Spring Competitive U13-19 Season

GU14 Premier Standings
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TeamGPWinsLossesTiesPointsGoalsAllowedGoal Diff.
1467 Aces Arsenal 99G97202121614
1458 Riggers Kaulana9630181284
1355 HSC Bulls 00G Ka'ula93511012120
1363 Leahi 2000 Maile91714726-18
*Standings currently only sorted on points...tie-breakers (head-to-head, goal differential,and then least goals allowed) have not yet been taken into account.

League Results Included in Standings:

DateGameNoHomeH ScoreVisitorsV Score
3-03-2013109781467 Aces Arsenal 99G01458 Riggers Kaulana1
3-03-2013109841355 HSC Bulls 00G Ka'ula21363 Leahi 2000 Maile2
3-09-2013110051355 HSC Bulls 00G Ka'ula01458 Riggers Kaulana1
3-10-2013110351363 Leahi 2000 Maile01467 Aces Arsenal 99G5
3-17-2013111031467 Aces Arsenal 99G11355 HSC Bulls 00G Ka'ula0
3-17-2013111081363 Leahi 2000 Maile01458 Riggers Kaulana2
4-13-2013111581458 Riggers Kaulana11467 Aces Arsenal 99G3
4-13-2013111631363 Leahi 2000 Maile11355 HSC Bulls 00G Ka'ula4
4-21-2013112591458 Riggers Kaulana11355 HSC Bulls 00G Ka'ula0
4-21-2013112811467 Aces Arsenal 99G41363 Leahi 2000 Maile1
5-04-2013112981355 HSC Bulls 00G Ka'ula11467 Aces Arsenal 99G2
5-04-2013113031458 Riggers Kaulana11363 Leahi 2000 Maile2
5-05-2013113621467 Aces Arsenal 99G21458 Riggers Kaulana0
5-05-2013113651355 HSC Bulls 00G Ka'ula21363 Leahi 2000 Maile1
5-12-2013114151355 HSC Bulls 00G Ka'ula11458 Riggers Kaulana2
5-12-2013114161363 Leahi 2000 Maile01467 Aces Arsenal 99G3
5-19-2013115001467 Aces Arsenal 99G11355 HSC Bulls 00G Ka'ula2
5-19-2013115051363 Leahi 2000 Maile01458 Riggers Kaulana3