2013 Winter U8-12 Season

BU09 Premier PO Standings
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TeamGPWinsLossesTiesPointsGoalsAllowedGoal Diff.
0910 LJSA Chelsea 04B22006312
0924 Abunai 04 Navy22006716
0901 HSC Bulls 04B Ka'ula21103422
0902 HSC Bulls 04B Ka'ele21103330
0906 Rush 04B-Nike Mililani21103651
0912 WSC 042110346-2
0916 FADED '04 BLACK2020027-5
0927 Rush 04B-Swoosh West2020004-4
*Standings currently only sorted on points...tie-breakers (head-to-head, goal differential,and then least goals allowed) have not yet been taken into account.

League Results Included in Standings:

DateGameNoHomeH ScoreVisitorsV Score
2-02-2013106780910 LJSA Chelsea 04B10927 Rush 04B-Swoosh West0
2-02-2013106790902 HSC Bulls 04B Ka'ele20901 HSC Bulls 04B Ka'ula1
2-09-2013106760924 Abunai 04 Navy30916 FADED '04 BLACK0
2-09-2013106770906 Rush 04B-Nike Mililani20912 WSC 043
2-09-2013107590910 LJSA Chelsea 04B20902 HSC Bulls 04B Ka'ele1
2-09-2013107600901 HSC Bulls 04B Ka'ula30927 Rush 04B-Swoosh West0
2-23-2013107570924 Abunai 04 Navy40912 WSC 041
2-23-2013107580906 Rush 04B-Nike Mililani40916 FADED '04 BLACK2