2013 Winter U8-12 Season

BU10 Select B Standings
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TeamGPWinsLossesTiesPointsGoalsAllowedGoal Diff.
1003 LJSA Chelsea 03B65011622713
1025 Hawaii 808 S.C.63121123128
1012 Honolulu Galaxy FC 03B Silver6213912102
1007 HAWAII SLAMMERS 03B6222815122
1015 Riggers Ehukai622281116-3
1022 Koa'ula60333413-7
1026 Crew 03B60511421-15
*Standings currently only sorted on points...tie-breakers (head-to-head, goal differential,and then least goals allowed) have not yet been taken into account.

League Results Included in Standings:

DateGameNoHomeH ScoreVisitorsV Score
12-02-2012101721012 Honolulu Galaxy FC 03B Silver11003 LJSA Chelsea 03B3
12-02-2012101831025 Hawaii 808 S.C.51007 HAWAII SLAMMERS 03B4
12-02-2012101851015 Riggers Ehukai31026 Crew 03B2
12-09-2012102511007 HAWAII SLAMMERS 03B31015 Riggers Ehukai1
12-09-2012102521003 LJSA Chelsea 03B31026 Crew 03B0
12-09-2012102611022 Koa'ula01012 Honolulu Galaxy FC 03B Silver1
12-16-2012103251025 Hawaii 808 S.C.21012 Honolulu Galaxy FC 03B Silver2
12-16-2012103381015 Riggers Ehukai21003 LJSA Chelsea 03B2
1-05-2013103611012 Honolulu Galaxy FC 03B Silver31015 Riggers Ehukai3
1-05-2013103631007 HAWAII SLAMMERS 03B11003 LJSA Chelsea 03B4
1-05-2013103791025 Hawaii 808 S.C.21022 Koa'ula2
1-06-2013103981022 Koa'ula01003 LJSA Chelsea 03B6
1-06-2013103991012 Honolulu Galaxy FC 03B Silver01007 HAWAII SLAMMERS 03B0
1-06-2013104001025 Hawaii 808 S.C.51026 Crew 03B0
1-12-2013104531026 Crew 03B01022 Koa'ula0
1-13-2013104771015 Riggers Ehukai21022 Koa'ula0
1-13-2013104791007 HAWAII SLAMMERS 03B51026 Crew 03B0
1-13-2013104931003 LJSA Chelsea 03B41025 Hawaii 808 S.C.3
1-20-2013105551015 Riggers Ehukai01025 Hawaii 808 S.C.6
1-20-2013105561012 Honolulu Galaxy FC 03B Silver51026 Crew 03B2
1-20-2013105571022 Koa'ula21007 HAWAII SLAMMERS 03B2