2013 Winter U8-12 Season

GU11 Select II PO Standings
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TeamGPWinsLossesTiesPointsGoalsAllowedGoal Diff.
1152 Rush 02G330091037
1174 Leahi 02 Green32106770
1175 Poi Dogs32106312
1056 Eastside 03G3120324-2
1163 HSC Bulls 02G Ka'ele3120328-5
1172 Honolulu Galaxy FC 02G3120323-1
1173 WSC 023030026-4
*Standings currently only sorted on points...tie-breakers (head-to-head, goal differential,and then least goals allowed) have not yet been taken into account.

League Results Included in Standings:

DateGameNoHomeH ScoreVisitorsV Score
2-03-2013107351174 Leahi 02 Green21172 Honolulu Galaxy FC 02G0
2-03-2013107361152 Rush 02G21173 WSC 021
2-03-2013107371163 HSC Bulls 02G Ka'ele11175 Poi Dogs0
2-03-2013107421181 HAWAII SLAMMERS WHITE 02G11056 Eastside 03G0
2-10-2013108151174 Leahi 02 Green21152 Rush 02G6
2-10-2013108161173 WSC 0201172 Honolulu Galaxy FC 02G2
2-10-2013108171181 HAWAII SLAMMERS WHITE 02G51163 HSC Bulls 02G Ka'ele0
2-10-2013108181175 Poi Dogs21056 Eastside 03G0
2-24-2013108781174 Leahi 02 Green31163 HSC Bulls 02G Ka'ele1
2-24-2013108791172 Honolulu Galaxy FC 02G01175 Poi Dogs1
2-24-2013108801173 WSC 0211056 Eastside 03G2
2-24-2013108811152 Rush 02G21181 HAWAII SLAMMERS WHITE 02G0