U13-U19 Spring 2013 Team Registration
  Please note that the current OahuLeague Website is in a state of flux in that the website is currently under revision. The expected changes will not occur all at once so the site will be a mixture of old and new.

The basic registration process has not changed in terms of entering team information and accessing the OLStore for team registration payment.

The basic registration steps are as follows:
  1. You MUST complete all of the fields noted with an "*"
  2. Phone number and email fields require valid phone and email formats so you need to put something in these. If you do not have an Assistant Coach or Team Manager, you should repeat the Head Coach information in these fields.
  3. Please include any TRAVEL or other special team circumstances that affect scheduling (like coaching conflicts) in the "Additional Info" field near the bottom of the form. This is currently the only place where you can provide this information to the league and scheduler.
  4. On successful registration, a Unique Access Key will be provided. Please SAVE this key as it will allow you to modify any of the submitted team registration info should you need.
  5. Please include a valid email address for the person that fills out this form at the bottom of the form (even if it is the same as one of the prior entries. This email address will be where your Access Key will be emailed should you forget it.
  6. Please pay for each team registered individually.

*NOTE: The registration process/forms are in flux. The league has every intention of streamlining this process in the future to make it possible to register returning teams with a minimal number of inputs and clicks...so please bear with us. Mahalo!