Player and Team Registration with HYSA

Basic Registration Steps

1.1 For each player, collect the following:
1.1.1 Completed and signed HYSA Membership form (found on the HYSA website, In the top box League Name should be "HYSA-Oahu League" Age Group and Division should be in the form of BU10 for Boys Under 10 Club and Team name need to be completed. Independent teams should use Independent as their club. The bottom line is not used, leave blank. In the Middle box Complete all boxes Player's name should match that on birth certificate. This section is mandatory to complete player registration. In the Third box (Parent and other information) Provide information on parents, up to and including, emergency information. Mandatory information for registration is Parents name and player's school Emergency information is for coaches and is not used by the league. Signatures! IMPORTANT that parents AND the player both sign the form. Consent for Medical Treatment box This box needs to be signed and filled out by Parent/Guardian. Without a signature, the coach will not be able to get a player medical treatment in case of emergency. MOST MEDICAL FACILITIES will require an original signature. When submitting the player application, submit a readable, dark copy and keep the original (which you should have available at all soccer events, including practices). Applications that are too light or unreadable, will be returned without being processed.
1.1.2 Copy of the player's birth certificate
1.1.3 A 1 in x 1 in color picture of the player, no hats or sunglasses, with the player's name written legibly on the back.
2.1 Using the OL Store, pay for all players being registered of this team, at the present time, on a single invoice.
2.1.1 The current yearly fee is $50 per player (as of 1 Aug. 2013)
3.1 Complete and Sign team AGM proxy form (for HYSA AGM, will be returned to you if you show up to the HYSA AGM)
3.2 Complete a team roster
3.2.1 Players listed in alphabetical order by last name
3.2.2 Include all coaches to be assigned to this team.
4.1 It is recommended that you make a copy of all materials for your records before submission.
5.1 Drop off all collected player information, the team roster, the team proxy form, and a copy of the player registration fee invoice together as a single package
5.1.1 Please paperclip all individual player material (Membership form, picture, birth certificate) together to aid the registration process.
5.2 Drop off package at UPS Store -NEX, 4725 Bouganville Drive, Honolulu, HI 96818-3179
5.2.1 Drop off deadline is Wed., 12pm (Noon)
5.2.2 All packages must be labeled on the outside with team name, team number (If exists) and what is included (player registrations).
5.2.3 Include with your package an email address if you want notification when your cards are completed.
5.2.4 You also need to sign in your drop offs.
6.1 Pickup is generally 2 Fridays after the Wed. drop off deadline after 2pm.
6.2 Only 1 player pass per player will be created by the league (see replacement card instructions if you lose a pass)
6.3 Pickups must be signed out.

Other Registration Info

1. Must submit a Player Status Form.
2. Must submit a revised team roster with the double roster player
3. May not be used within a club, only between clubs and/or independent teams.
4. Team Declarations
4.1 A player may play on more than one team (2 team maximum), as long as they are on teams of different age groups or different genders.
4.2 The player must be listed on the game card to play.
4.3 Primary teams should be declared on the PRIMARY TEAM DECLARATION form signed by both coaches, player and parent, if the initial registration is for more than one team, otherwise, the primary team shall be the team for which the player first played during the seasonal year.
1. Must submit a player status form.
2. Must submit a revised team roster(s) with the transfer changes.
3. Must include player pass paper clipped to form.
4. There is a 10 day sit out period starting from the date all paperwork is received by the registrar.
5. Transfer fee for Neighbor Island Players is $20 (as of 1 Aug. 2013). There is no fee to Transfer between OahuLeague Clubs.
6. Copy of invoice for paid transfer fee must be included.
1. Current fees as of 1 Aug. 2013
1.1 Annual Player Registration Fee - $50
1.2 Neighbor Island player double roster fee (If already a member of HYSA) - $20
1.3 Player Transfer Fee - $20
1.4 Replacement Card Fee - $10 per card with a $50 cap for multiple cards from the same team.
1. Teams must be registered with HYSA in order to participate in any Oahu League season.
2. Team registration is done as part of the basic player registration as players have to be assigned to teams.
1. Oahu League does not accept individual players. All players must be registered as part of a team.
2. In order to get on or find a team. To find a team, you can:
2.1 Contact clubs to schedule a tryout. Club links are found in the About Us section of the website.
2.2 Most of the games are at Waipio Soccer Complex. Come out to the park and talk to people, coaches, etc... about their teams/clubs.
3. Once you join a club or team, they will help you get registered to play.