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2021 Spring Season Roster Rules - IMPORTANT

April 2, 2021

Roster Rules for Oahu League 2021 Spring Season 

To All Club Administrators, Directors of Coaching, Team Coaches, Team Managers, and Referees:

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For all 2021 Spring Season Competitive Season Matches Oahu League will be allowing clubs to utilize Digital Rosters to update their players for match times.  It is critical that we be flexible, and this allows teams to participate in the league with less concern for getting “True Age Minimums” etc.

Player Call-Ups

Players will need to be Age Eligible per the guidelines in the Spring Season Guide (On and the Oahu League Rules here.  Players U9-U12 should only play up one age group at max for call-up purposes.  Players U13 should realistically look to play at U14/15 if needed, and U14/15 Can be called up to the U17/U19 if needed. For safety reasons please take considerations when making these call-ups. 

The Game Day Rosters

Teams will still print a game day official roster.  You WILL BE ALLOWED to make physical adjustments to the physical roster to match your digital updated roster prior to kick-off.  Ensure that any players that are “written in” are on the digital version of the roster and you have their digital player pass.

Referees will still be required to turn in the Physical Game Day Roster. 

HYSA State Cup Qualifiers

For those games doubling as HYSA State Cup Championships – roster rules for HYSA/USYS State Cup must be followed. 


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