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Covid19 Guidelines

This 1-page highlight sheet of the Oahu League Return to Play Guidelines is for all Practice and Game Facilities, including non-permitted activities at any location.  The full guide that is referenced is here.  Also please check the Fall 2021 Season Guidelines for League Specific Playing Policies and Rules for the Fall Developmental 2021 Season.

These are some quick highlights of the overall guidelines.

  • Each Team MUST have a COVID-19 Contact and they will need to follow the guidelines in terms of players coming to the fields, contact tracing, and any forms needed to be filled out. (p. 6) 
  • Players and Coaches must do the CDC COVID Screening before going to Practice or Game to show their COVID Contact on their team. (p. 3)
  • Players & Coaches Should Wear Masks in Training and Matches (p. 4)
  • Spectators are allowed at practice facility or game/scrimmages provided they are in small groups and distanced  (p. 3)
  • Each club MUST have their own protocols. (p. 2).  Clubs may use ours as a guide.  
  • This is for all practice facilities and game facilities, not just Waipio Soccer Complex. Including any non-permitted facilities.
  • Referees should invest in Electronic Whistles (coaches that use whistles in training should do the same). (p. 4)
  • If someone does get exposed, what does your team, club and league do? (p. 8-11)
  • The bathroom facilities at Waipio will be cleaned and disinfected two times daily by the Park Staff.  They are also fogging the bathrooms throughout the day to ensure safety during our permits. 

If you have any questions, please contact Chris. 808.352.0631 or 
September 8, 2021