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Reschedule Request

Reschedule Process

  1. Teams that want to reschedule need to fill out and submit a reschedule request. All requests MUST be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the originally scheduled game.
  2. Check the currently available list of Fields to aid in your request by emailing the Executive Secretary
  3. Note the appropriate reschedule fee for your request based upon the number of days before the currently scheduled game and the age division of your team (See below Reschedule & Forfeiture Fees)
  4. After submitting the form, you will receive an email with contact information for your opponent and any special issues or notifications that could affect the reschedule date/time (i.e. must be completed by a certain date). As the Team requesting a reschedule, It is your responsibility to contact your opponent and get their agreement on a new game date/time.
  5. Both teams MUST AGREE to the reschedule before a game can be rescheduled
  6. Once you have agreement with your opponent, you need to email that agreed to date/time to the league office for confirmation and rescheduling (NOTE: all available fields are awarded on a first come basis so it is possible that your agreed to date/time may not be available. First come is determined by the order your agreement email is received by the league office).
  7. Once your reschedule is confirmed, you have 48 hours to submit the proper reschedule fee at the OL Store.

Reschedule & Forfeit Fees

The following schedule of fines apply. The forfeit fines must be paid to the League within 48 hours of the forfeit through the OL Store. Failure of the team to comply will place the team in bad standing. The Board will make the determination of any additional fines and/or sanctions to be imposed.

For any matches requesting to be reschedule up to 15 Days prior to the matchday after the schedule is posted there will be assessed a $25 Fee.

Any matches requesting rescheduling 72 hours to 14 days prior to the matchday will be assessed a $25 for for U6-U8 and $50 for U9-U19 age divisions.  

Any match rescheduling request within 72 hours of matchday, or match forfeited (no show for playoff or league match, not enough players, coach elects not to play, etc.) there will be the following penalty assessed:

  • $25 for U6-U8

  • $75 for U9/U10

  • $90 for U11/U12

  • $110 for U13/U14

  • $125 for U15/U16

  • $150 for U17-U19