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Get Back In The Game - Become a Referee in Hawaii

For more information on referee courses, trainings, dates, and other information contact Jonathan Reyes

Becoming a Referee - Step by Step

Referee for Oahu League

To Referee for Oahu League please email our HERO assignors

Oahu League is working on a new Mentorship, Recruitment, and Advancement Program.  Details of this program will be announced this summer in conjunction with senior referees from the Oahu League.


 2023 Grassroots Entry Level Referee – Virtual October, 2023 

 A virtual (ZOOM) entry level course will be offered for first-time OR former referees who have not recertified for 3-plus years.  The ZOOM link to be shared with candidates at a later date.

To register, go to (the Digital Learning Center-DLC). 

First-time referees must set up an account at DLC. Click [Sign Up] and [Register as Referee].  Complete form and click [Sign Up] at bottom right. Click [I have never held a U.S. Soccer Referee License before]. 

Former referees can log in with email address and click [Forgot Password] to reset password.