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Registrar FAQ

Club/Team Registration 

Only Club/Independent Team Registrars will have CLUB ADMIN or TEAM ADMIN access to register teams. Club/Independent Team Registrar(s) can add the players, coaches, managers, and admins (up to 10 per team) to their teams who will also have Team Admin access.

Team Admin access can print rosters, club pass players, and pay for season fees.

  1. Create 20/21 teams in the Affinity Registration System in your club provided URL.  If needed, click here to request Oahu League set up the club URL for future registrations during the Seasonal Year (Fall through the Summer). For returning teams, increase the team number by one year (e.g. 1103 to 1203). The Oahu League Registrar will verify the team numbers and make corrections; new teams will get assigned a number.

  2. Teams and players are registered as “Competitive.”

  3. Collect HYSA Membership Form signed by both parent and player, these must be on hand at games and the League Registrar may do spot checks by email to verify.

  4. Assign players to a team (search in Player Lookup, then create application).

  5. Parents/families can upload any missing birth certificates and approved headshots.

    1. Note: Returning player’s birth certificates have already been uploaded and verified by the league. Parents/families can update headshots if needed.

  6. Assign at least one coach to each team. Teams cannot be activated without the minimum number of assigned players and at least one coach who has passed the Risk Management process and completed required courses (Click Here).

  7. Choose "ready to activate" under “Team Status” in Affinity for teams that the roster has been created. Doing so will notify the League Registrar, who will verify and activate teams (dependent on meeting the minimum requirements - age legal, at least one coach, etc).

  8. Email the completed Official HYSA Team Roster, to the Oahu League Registrar. The League Registrar will use this to verify against what was entered in Affinity. If the team is not ready to activate, the OL Registrar will change the status to “Activation Requirements Not Met” in Affinity and notify the club/independent team registrar(s).

 Digital Player Passes