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Player Registration

Oahu League has moved paperless, each Club/Independent team will be responsible for creating teams, assigning players, and uploading birth certificates and player headshots directly through our League Management Partner, Affinity.

Parent will do their own player(s) registration by uploading birth certificates and player headshots for approval.  Players that do not have both will not be approved to play.

To Begin Registration:
  1. Clubs & Independent teams will register in Affinity utilizing the registration URL provided to each individual club. If needed, click here to request Oahu League to set up the club URL for future registrations during the Seasonal Year (Fall through the Summer).
  2. Parent Registration will be done by the parents going to the Affinity Club URL provided to register their own child(ren).  There is a $55 Player Registration Fee due at that time.  This covers player insurance, and operational expenses.  Parent Guide Step by Step Graphical Guide Here
    1. All previously registered players have family/player accounts. Creating a duplicate account creates many issues, please be aware of this when registering.  
    2. If players are switching clubs and have already paid the $55 fee for that seasonal year (Fall Season through Summer Tournament Season), they do not need to pay it a second time.
Headshots and Birth Certificates
  1. Player Birth Certificates and Headshots must be loaded into the player's Affinity account.  
    1. Headshots must be clear (think Passport photo, but can smile in it).  Plain background, no hats, sunglasses, additional people in the photo, or pets.  
    2. If the Birth Certificate or Headshot is not uploaded, the player will not be registered.  
HYSA Membership Form & HYSA Team Roster

HYSA Membership Form, signed by parent and player, must be submitted to the Registrar of that club before the player can be registered to a team.