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State of the Oahu League


As we are nearing Tier 4 and the start of Outdoor Soccer & Futsal finally being allowed to take place at the club sports level, we want to ensure that our members take proper precautions in their training environments and follow the guidelines Oahu League (in conjunction with HDOH) will be announcing this week.

With almost one full year away from the pitch, we look forward to providing a top-notch experience for our players, families, referees, and coaches. HYSA Executive Director Scott Keopuhiwa has been integral in moving along sports along with council member Tupola. We hope that shortly good news will be announced with teams allowed to come back to training in Tier 3 officially.

Once teams can train, we will be preparing the seasons to begin about 3 weeks after that date.  Things will move fast and furious and we are talking to clubs to discuss various strategies to roll soccer back out here on Oahu.  

We will be hosting our annual No Ka Oi Soccer Camp.  The plan is to have it with some slight modifications utilizing Oahu League Partners to present data to college coaches and players to utilize for their video highlights.  

Along with these changes, the new website has been launched.  We hope that the ease of use for all our stakeholders makes this a destination for not only Oahu League Soccer, but Hawaii Soccer updates in general.  We have some great things planned with our Spring 2021 interns that they are working on right now.  I truly hope you will enjoy everything we have planned as we get back out on the pitch in a few weeks (knock on wood).  


Chris Keem